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Today, there are thousands of different Index, variable and hybrid annuities to choose from.

This means that investors seeking the best terms and rates need to do their home work and research just like any other mutual fund or stock investments.

The absolute best way to secure the highest interest rate and best terms on you’re potential annuity investment is by comparison shopping annuity programs. Click Quote Save is a leader is the financial comparison market, and we make this process very easy to do with one simple form to fill out. We have your best interest in mind by matching you to an independent agent that has at minimum five years experience, no negative reviews/or penalties, and can compare at minimum five different carriers on your behalf.

Choosing an annuity is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are many options to selecting an annuity and for most consumer it can be very time consuming and stressful making the decision. Click Quote Save is here for you to simplify the process and act as an unbiased source of information. Whether you are interested in a deferred, immediate, fixed, and or variable annuity we make it easy to select the best one for your retirement.

At the bottom of this page there are some of the top annuity providers to choose from if you wish to call them directly.

Click Quote Save has affiliates with top companies to save you time; we vet our affiliates only selecting the highest performing annuity agents who provide the highest levels of product knowledge. Most importantly we have vetted independent agents who can compare the entire market to retrieve your quote (there is no cost to you for this service and its fast too).

Finding an independent agent who is contracted with all carriers and can compare the entire annuity market is challenging. We took notice of this and made it our mission to help screen these individuals and put them in contact with interested prospects such as yourself.

Once you determine the type of annuity program you are seeking, just like with any important financial decision, like buying a home, committing to a 30 years home mortgage or deciding where to invest your money, you need to shop around for the best rates and terms. This is a tedious process to do one agent at a time and it can lead to your personal information getting in the hands of the wrong people. You don’t want everyone to know how much money you keep or are planning to invest into an annuity- hence CQS keeps your information private and confidential at all times.

You will also want to compare the reputation of the investment institutions that are promising and guaranteeing the rates and terms of the monthly income and savings programs.

Some annuities representatives are called independent and represent all the annuity products and some annuity representatives work directly for the institutions that provide the annuities and only sell the annuity programs that their company offers (captive). This direct annuity agent will be or should be very knowledgeable about his companies products but the experienced broker will be knowledgeable about the best providers of each annuity program. 

That is why determining what program you want is the number one priority from the start.

Annuity providers also pay the annuity representatives different fee percentages. I remember speaking to an annuity representative and when I asked him about a specific income annuity program by a very reputable annuity provider (that did not ask for a Government for a bail-out during the recent mortgage crisis) , the representative said “Well that one doesn’t pay that well”.

I omitted the name of the reputable annuities provider with one of the most attractive monthly income programs in the country but I promise to give you the opportunity to get that information at the end of this article.

So when you are shopping for the best annuity program, remember that there are what is called “proprietary programs that offer annuity representatives higher fee’s to sell their product” so be aware of this when you are being sold an annuity with attractive rates and terms from a provider that you have never heard of before.

Remember, you are shopping for the best annuity program foyou and your family, and it is in your best interest to take your time and avoid making any quick decisions.

Annuity’s are an investment that requires patience and discipline and since there are so many different types of annuity providers and programs, your best bet is to get several quotes, from a combination very experienced brokers and the top of the line annuity providers so that you can compare the most aggressive terms as well as provider status and reputation.

An independent annuity agents will facilitate this transaction now the next big task at handing is finding one you cal deal with in your local area whom you can trust. Click Quote Save has done extensive research and has spoken to hundreds of agents and screened the best one to give you a free no hassle quote.

For more specific information related to what you are seeking in the form of the highest yielding safe, guaranteed annuity income and savings programs from the top annuities providers and brokers, simply fill out the form to get started with our free comparison service.

Top 2015 Annuity Companies From Which We Quote.

Ameritas American General Allianz AXA Equitable Fidelity Guardian Jackson National Jefferson National Lincoln Financial Group MetLife Investors Monumental Life Insurance Company Nationwide New York Life Pacific Life Prudential Protective SunAmerica Symetra Transamerica Vanguard