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Best Highest Current bank CD Rates | How to Secure the Highest Possible CD Interest Rates For Your Investment.

Searching for the highest and best CD bank interest rates in 2015. There are many reasons to invest into a CD account, including a safe FDIC insured investment that yields some interest returns. Unfortunately there are many downsides when you compare CD rates to other financial investment options.

CD rates fluctuate from company to company and one of the main factors determining the rate of return you receive is from the amount of money you have to invest. If you have a jumbo or large amount of funds to invest you will receive a higher rate known as a jumbo certificate of deposit. Pretty straightforward, earn more for investing more. Are there better places to put your money than a jumbo CD account? Yes, there are many better investments that have no risk and provides a higher rate of return compared to any and all CD rates.

CD rates are not worth your time in 2015 – we are in a low rate environment.

Earning a return on your investments or retirement funds that won’t even beat inflation is a waste of time and it means you are loosing purchasing power. We understand that the stock market is a risky place to put those funds but we have another recommendation that makes more sense. Providing you a higher rate of return than the highest CD rates (which we have seen in 2-3%) while also being extremely safe as an investment vehicle.

We are referring to annuities as a better investment opportunity than a cd bank account. You can earn 3-5X any current market CD rate. The insurance companies issuing these annuity rates are some of the longest standing companies that have to meet federal and state regulations/reserve requirements. There is no risk in a top rated annuity provider not providing you with the contracted annuity rate, this is acting as an FDIC insurance. As long as you are comfortable with making the investment and not touching the funds you are not going to have higher fees than a CD account. The upfront fees are higher with the annuity investment but overall you are still making a lot more on your investment with an annuity vs a cd account.

How can I secure the highest CD rates:
The way to get the highest rates is to get a jumbo CD account. This will guarantee that you receive a higher rate since more funds = high rates from cd’s. You should consider investing in an annuity account instead for some reasons listed above.

Which credit unions offer the highest cd rates:
We will compare them and get back to you. Most credit unions offer CD’s, from there it depends on if you want to deal locally or on a national level.

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