Firefighter Mortgages

Fairway Independent Mortgage Company announced  a mortgage program exclusively for firefighters, with an insurance feature that will repay all or a portion of their outstanding mortgage balance, up to $250,000, in the event of accidental death, permanent paralysis or dismemberment. Click Quote Save is a top leading comparison website with one goal in mind; saving you $ and time.

The significance of these loans extends well beyond protection coverage to basic housing affordability issues.

Too many Americans in these occupations of honor simply cannot find and afford quality housing, especially in metropolitan areas. Fairway Independent Mortgage Company not only helps these heroes realize the dream of homeownership, but also provides security and peace of mind should tragedy strike.

Fairway Independent Mortgage loans offer, among the other advantages, the availability of 100 percent financing, competitive loan rates, little or no down payment options and flexibility on credit scores and credit histories.

Professional firefighters face the constant danger that we could be wounded or killed in an instant. While we understand and accept the dangers in our mission, programs like Fairway Independent Mortgage  Protected Mortgage give us some peace of mind that our families would be financially protected, if something were to happen to us.

The availability of the Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage is a significant enhancement to the program, and is tied directly to concerns among workers in dangerous jobs, such as firefighters   that injury or death on the job could jeopardize the financial ability of their family to stay in the home. With low-to-no-down payment and credit guidelines combined, the program also makes it easier for these workers to realize the dream of homeownership.

•Eligible borrowers include full time educational staff in primary, secondary schools, colleges and universities, and part time teachers; full time sworn officers and law enforcement employees; full time firefighters and fire department employees; full-time medical staff including nurses, nursing-pharmacy-dental assistants, medical technicians and employees of a hospital, nursing facility or doctor’s office.

•Little or no down payment is needed from the borrowers own pocket. Gifts or other sources count toward the down payment. Bottom line: this is ideal for workers with limited savings or assets.

•Flexible credit guidelines – even for those without traditional credit histories. We consider a wide range of credit scores. A favorable 12 month payment history (rent, three monthly bills) may be sufficient.

At Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, customer service is a way of life. We are dedicated to finding great rates and loan options for our customers while offering some of the fastest turn times in the industry. Our goal is to act as a trusted advisor, providing highly personalized service and helping you through every step of the loan process – from application to closing and beyond. It’s all designed to exceed expectations, provide satisfaction and earn trust.

Since opening our doors more than 20 years ago, our team has helped thousands of Americans achieve their dream of homeownership. Ranked as one of the top 10 mortgage companies in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine, we have funded more than $50 billion in loans since the company started and more than $21.5 billion in 2017.

We strongly believe the way we do things is just as important as what we do. Every team member is guided by our Core Values which define how we work, how we interact with each other, and guide us in determining how we best serve our customers, team members and local communities. We strive to make our team members and customers feel  like a part of the Fairway family while providing exceptional customer service, speed and support by being kind, humble and giving 100% every day – it’s WHAT we do and it’s WHO we are.