free credit score report without credit card

Are you looking to check your credit scores online and receive a free credit report without entering your credit card details.

Click quote save is in the process of launching access to free credit scores from the three major credit bureaus companies without asking for consumers to pay (or enter in secure info such as credit cards).

If you are interested in checking your credit for 100% free no charge then please bookmark this page and check back with us in a few weeks.

Having access to your free credit report is extremely important to your personal financial records. Staying on top of your credit is necessary to catch errors such as wrong collections or past due medical bills.

We believe that its your right to have this information for free and we are NOT going to charge a fee once our app/website is launched for checking your credit scores/reports.

We are excited to launch this feature over the coming months as it should save you time, give you peace of mind, and its 100% free tool to help with your credit/personal finance.


Facts about credit scores:

How is my credit score calculated:

35% is calculated according to your payment history.
30% is based on your credit cards and loan debts ratio.
15% of your score is determined on how long you have had credit for (length of history).
10% is the mix of credit you have open/closed.
10% is based off new credit.