How annuity investments protect your retirement savings funds

Investing in annuities can provide you and your family with market protection from scams/down markets/yourself from making terrible investments. Learn why $234,000,000+ were invested into annuities last year. This is the only investment product that can earn a decent return while protecting your funds.

Aside from helping you grow your savings and income safely, the greatest benefit Annuities offer the investor of any age, is the protection from themselves.

Just ask your self how much profit you have ever made on any car you bought?

Do I even have to ask you if you made money on the boat you sold?

Did that 27 cent stock take off like that broker who called you out of the blue predicted?

How much did you make this month day trading? or at the casino?

I wonder if there is a difference

Did that friend or family member pay you back the money he borrowed?

“Nope” I can’t buy that stock” “My money is in an annuity and I can’t take it out”

“Nope” I can’t sign the papers on that $800 a month car”

“Nope I don’t have $5000 to lend you, I just put it in to an annuity

Protection from investment by fraudsters and scammers, protected from an $800 monthly payment that you don’t need and protected from a bad loan.

Your hard earned  savings need be protected from bad personal financial decisions, not only fraud and market risk Рmost consumers ignore this tip and believe they are an exception but the reality is that even the most sophisticated investors get duped.

If your money is in an annuity, you can forget about the time it takes to keep up with the markets and improve your life’s focus and concentration on the task at hand whether it be your current work or running your business, or simply enjoying more time with family and friends.

Annuities represent financial discipline for those with no desire to give up the proverbial bird in the hand for the seven in the bush when it comes top hard earned savings and financial accountability.

If you could see the list of investors since 1929 from all walks of life have lost all their money in the stock market after retiring, you would clearly understand why annuities are so valuable and effective in helping secure you and your family’s nest egg.

Although the stock market offers undeniable opportunity for growth, even the biggest company stock can plummet in an instant on a bad earnings report. The stock market is also rampant with fraud, scammers, market manipulators and unpredictable market volatility. As baby boomers hit retirement age and look for safer investment options that will yield a greater dividend or guaranteed income annuities are the clear investment choice.

So if you want to see best annuity savings interest rates and view the best annuity income program options, simply fill out the form below for a free consultation and answers to all your questions. Annuities may not be right for everyone but if safety, guarantee and an honest return is what you are after you should consider this investment option.