How to get best retirement annuity compare top rated companies

Today, there are thousands of different index, variable and hybrid Annuities to choose from. Hundreds if not thousands of annuity providers with different ratings, and hundreds of thousands of individual annuities to choose from.

This means that investors seeking the best terms and rates need to do their homework and research just like any other mutual fund or stock investments in order to secure the best retirement annuity for their family.

Once you determine the type of annuity program you are seeking, just like with any important financial decision, like buying a home, committing a 30 years home mortgage or deciding where to invest your money, you need to comparison shop for the best rates and terms. You will also want to compare reputation of the investment institutions that are promising and guaranteeing the rates and terms of the monthly income and savings programs.

Some annuities representatives are called Brokers and represent all the annuity products and some annuity representatives work directly for the institutions (captive agents) that provide the annuities and only sell the annuity programs their company offers. This direct annuity dealer will be or should be very knowledgeable about his company’s products but the experienced broker will be knowledgeable about the best providers of each annuity program.

That is why determining what program you want is the number one priority alongside comparing the market. This is not an easy task as mentioned above there are many thousands of options.

With this in mind Click Quote Save has created a free annuity comparison service whereby we company the annuity providers on your behalf (through our extensive network) and provide you only with the best options.

Annuity providers also pay the Annuity representatives different fee percentages. I remember speaking to an annuity representative and when I asked him about a specific income annuity program by a very reputable annuity provider (that did not ask for a Gvt bailout during the recent Mortgage crisis) , the representative said “well that one doesn’t pay that well but I know of some companies that pay agents a very high fee for placing clients”. You need a licensed annuity dealer that is on your side, and has the fiduciary duty to represent your best interests.

I omitted the name of the Reputable annuities provider with one of the most attractive monthly income programs in the country but I promise to give you the opportunity to get that information at the end of this report.

So when you are shopping for the best annuity program please remember that the most important priority is the best annuity program for you and your family. Not a program that is going to pay high commissions to a broker/agent.

Since there are so many different types of annuity providers and programs, your best bet is to get at least three to four quotes, from a combination very experienced brokers and the top of the line annuity providers so that you can compare the most aggressive terms as well as provider status and reputation.

For more specific information related to what you are seeking in the form of the highest yielding safe, guaranteed annuity income and savings programs from the top annuities providers and brokers, please fill out the form at the top of the page to get started.