Investing in Silver Bullion vs Gold Precious Metals

Why invest in Silver over Gold.

Just about every ounce of gold ever mined since the beginning of civilization is still accounted for, but such is not the case with silver.

One of the biggest differences between gold and silver is that silver is used much more than gold when it comes to industrial manufacturing applications.

For example over 700,000 pounds of silver is used every year in the coolant industry for cars and as a catalyst for that manufacturing of hard and flexible plastics and nylons.

Silver is now replacing tin in the solder of mass electronics and components because silver conducts heat better than any other metal on the planet which makes electronic components more reliable.

But in many cases silver is not recyclable after industrial consumption like old mirrors, electronics ect.

Although Silver is similar to gold in being called a precious metal in the form of bullion bars, rounds and coins, silverware and art, gold is not similar to silver in the forms of viable and necessary industrial applications.

Silver reflects light better than any other metal on the planet and that is why Silver is used by industry world wide to produce mirrors.

In 1980, Gold in two months skyrocketed from $235 an ounce to $800 an ounce.

This was almost a 400% move.

But Silver, in the same time frame went from $5 an ounce to $56 an ounce.

This was an 1100% move which was almost three times the percentage gain than what gold posted in the same time frame. 

Silver is everything gold is in the form of emergency money, in the form of coins bullion bars and art, but silver is much more in demand for an ever growing list of world wide industrial applications.

The bottom line, of all metals in the precious metals complex, silver undeniably offers the highest potential capital gain and investment opportunity.