Long Term Care Leads For Sale for agents. Exclusive Online Generated – Pre-set appointments and live calls for Long Term Care Leads.

LTC (long term care) insurance leads that close. Speak to interested prospects live. No chasing cold internet leads or cold calling. Highest LTC closing rate in the industry.

Does your experience with buying long term care leads include…

– Leads where the prospect does not qualify?

– Leads where the phone number or emails don’t work?

– Leads where the prospect is clearly no longer interested in learning more or getting quotes?

– Leads where the person has no idea what you’re talking about or why you are you calling?

– Leads where they have already spoken to many other agents before you get them on the phone?

-Leads that are not qualified for a long term care policy?

-Leads that clearly weren’t generated online but instead were cold called?

-Leads that don’t have time to speak to you?

Does your experience with dealing with lead vendors include…

-Lead vendors that give you a hard time for returns or don’t accept returns?

-Lead vendors that require large upfront sums to sign up?

-Lead vendors that require a contract to be signed for long period of time?

-Lead vendors that sell the lead shared to many other licensed long term care agents?

-Lead vendors that don’t accept credit cards for your orders?

-Lead vendors that are licensed and compete against you?

-Lead vendors that are a scam?

Exclusive Internet Generated Long term care Leads & Live Transfers That Call You!

We never chase your potential clients. Interested consumers come to us looking for free information and a quote.

They come to our websites ready to learn more about different long term care programs and to receive quotes.

Click Quote Save owns and operates hundreds of long term care websites that consistently generate warm-fresh online long term care leads. Since we own our websites and have our own team of internet marketers we are able to generate the highest quality leads from search.

Click Quote Save long term care leads will make you more efficient while allowing you to close higher premium deals through our live transfer program where leads call you.

We have made the initial investment both in dollars and time to get our websites to rank in the major search engines. While a relatively new company our internet marketers and management team have decades of experience in generating leads in the financial services industry.

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Do you even know how your lead provider is generating your leads?

We are very upfront about our lead channels and never use incentives to generate our leads.

Simply head over to any top search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) search for popular long term care terms, we are there. We avoid display marketing and social networks as those leads don’t close as well as search generated long term care referrals. Closing rate matters as it is tied to your efficiency and we value your time. If you don’t see our webpages or landing pages its because we are targeting based on demographics, locations, and other factors according to where our lead buyers are located in the US.

Intent and action are extremely important to us. We only want to display our ads or ranking when consumers have the intent (they are searching for quotes/rates) and they are the ones taking the action (like doing a search on a search engine). Every other form of marketing is an interruption and annoyance and we don’t invest in those channels. Even after receiving the leads our quality control screening eliminates all bad/junk leads that have no interest, no money, and or both. You will only speak live to qualified, interested, and ready for a quote consumers.

Long term care Leads That Close!

• Our leads are only sold once (truly exclusive).

• Highest quality long term care lead generation since we only target those consumers who are online searching right now in your area for long term care quotes.

• Prospects are interested in learning more and getting quotes about getting a long term care policy exclusively.

• Local targeting. Want to be able to sit down with your potential customers – request leads within a 100 mile radius of your office.

• Long term care leads that call you. We do live transfers which is essentially a conference call between our company, you, and the long term care prospects.

• A lead vendor that understands there will be returns and that not all leads will be valid. We accept returns without putting up a fight.

• Pay after receiving the leads. We have a program that allows you to receive the leads first, test them, and only be charged for valid leads.

• Bulk discounts and pre-paid discounts are available as well.

Why CQS long term care leads close:

1. The lead has requested information about long term care (no free trips here). We do not cross sell leads from our other verticals – only those looking for long term care will speak to you.

2. The lead is expecting a call from a licensed long term care agent (you). We also offer exclusive internet leads where you contact the lead or live transfer where we have the lead already on the phone as a pre-set appointment.

Straightforward pricing, easy return policy. We automatically accept returns for:

• Bad phone numbers/fax numbers (no way to reach consumer)

• Bogus leads

• Leads that are not interested/not qualified

What you will no longer have to worry about on a daily basis with our long term care leads.

• You don’t have to code/design/maintain a website.

• No more managing online advertising campaigns.

• No more learning search engine marketing, more time to develop your business!

• Stop paying for every click or impression.

• No more trying to “get the word out” on your services.

• No more cold calling.

• No more buying shady leads from offshore call centers who are 10/10 times breaking US FTC/FCC laws.

• No more robo calling consumers and breaking the laws (many call centers do this and won’t even tell you until you get slapped with a fine).

• No more sweating over click through rates or conversion rates. No more worrying about paying for an invalid click or a bad lead.

• No more worrying about cross device website design.

• No more having to worry about conversion rate optimization or creating hundreds of landing pages.

• No large investments required to get rankings with your own websites.

Buying long term care leads? Here is are some general tips to avoid scams or getting burned:

1. Can the company verify their source? Did you know that most call centers are in violation of some federals laws (FCC/FTC) through using automated callers such as robo callers and or by calling consumers who are on the DO NO CALL list. Even though you may be buying leads through a vendor you will be included in any lawsuits and each offense the fine can be as high as $10K. Avoid dealing with call center and any other marketing channel that is not inbound.

2. Paying upfront through check/deposit/cash. Avoid at all costs. Most likely this is a scam, a reputable company will be able to take a credit card payment. Be wary of any lead vendor that does not have a merchant account to process cards.

3. Share leads. How many times were the leads shared. Most sell a share lead up to four time initially. After 31 days most contract allow them to keep reselling that lead as data causing for the consumer to receive  many unsolicited calls months after filling out the form. Your closing rate will suffer if you are able to close any deals.

4. Lead vendors who don’t have a clear return policy. You will run into bad leads, even internet leads are a numbers game. It is crucial to work with a lead vendor understands there will be returns and who don’t give you a hard time for any bad leads.

5. Leads being generated on social networks. Not all leads are created equally. Someone who is hanging out on a social network and sees an ad for a retirement analysis will not have the same conversion rate as someone who is searching for the best long term care rates. Those who are searching are doing the action (inbound) and these leads are the best leads in terms of closing rates. We know from experience in generating thousands of online leads over the last three years.

6. How targeted are their leads? Wbat information is given with every lead. You don’t want to pay for just a name and a number. You should look for vendors who provide information such as amount liquid to invest, age, location.

7. Is the company going to compete with you? Do they have an incentive to compete with you eg: are they licensed long term care agents in your same area, or could they be selling these leads to others who are going to compete with you while getting paid from them? You probably want to deal with a lead company that is only a lead company.

Commonly asked questions about Click Quote Save Exclusive Long term care Leads:

How many times are these long term care leads sold?

Our leads are completely exclusive to each agent and we never resell the leads. We have built internal technology to be the first company to speak to the consumer when doing live transfers. Our marketing message on our long term care landing pages clearly state that we are a Free comparison service. Most consumers who fill out our form are awaiting from one of our agents to call them back and we never receive lead returns for reason of “lead has been contacted by multiple agents”. We do not control the consumers and if someone fills out other forms they may receive call backs from those companies. We rarely run into those leads as mentioned above consumers trust our site enough to give us information into their personal finances.

How do I receive my leads?

Lead delivery is initially done through emails. As you scale and order higher quantities we will process your orders into your CRM through our lead system. Our free CRM is free for you to use. We can process returns via email or through the CRM.

What happens if I receive a lead that is not interested and or not qualified?

We will credit this lead and not bill your account for it. We are in this business to provide valid leads and one of the qualifying factors is someone who is both interested and qualified to get an long term care. We do not cap the number of returns you make and we understand that not every lead will be valid. Many times consumers fill out information online with fake phone numbers or emails. Leads we accept for returns are: not qualified, not been able to get a hold of the lead, not interested upon first contact, and every other case in analyzed on a case by case basis.

What happens if I need to pause my leads for a break?

You can pause your campaign that is not a problem. We don’t recommend it as others will receive your lead flow and that gives competitors the ability to get into our network, receive leads, and potentially take over that area (dominate my area leads).

How many leads do I need to order?  Is there a minimum?

No minimum, just buy them one at a time.  Begin and end anytime you wish.  We do accept pre-paid funds to secure more leads or better lead flow – you will receive a discount on each lead you order as pre-paid. If you are interested in dominating your area we can secure a 50-200 miles area for 100% exclusivity both in leads received and as the only agent in that area who is receiving leads from CQS (Click Quote Save).

What kind of lead flow can I expect?

Lead flows are based on internet traffic, which is based on population. CQS owns hundreds of websites in each vertical it operates to increase lead flow.

Due to the fact that we scrub our leads this also reduces the amount of leads available but ensures that this is the highest quality long term care leads you can buy and that we have a fair return policy for bad leads.

Instead of focusing on how many leads you will receive we are more focused on generating high quality leads that have an intent to buy. Many other lead vendors will focus on volume through social media but not a leads are created equally. We do not use incentivized marketing or buy leads through other vendors. All of our leads are generated in-house through our own websites mainly through the search engines – creating the highest quality long term care leads you can buy.

Can this be my only marketing channel?

Yes, hundreds of agents do just that.  However, having more than one lead source is a smart move. This will allow you to have more predictability in lead flow. Just compare apples to apples and don’t try to justify leads on prices because efficiency and closing ratio is majorly important.

What happens if I hate the leads and want to quit?

Just inform us and we will stop sending you leads. We will only bill for valid leads. If you have prepaid we will finish out that order then pause your account.

What happens if I love the leads and want an exclusive for a specific area?

We can reserve specific areas for an increase in price and or a minimum monthly order commitment. Give us a call so we can discuss the details.

How much do they cost?  What can I expect?

Please submit the form above to receive our prices via email. Prices are final and negotiable. At times we run specials and new customer specials.

Where is your call center located?
A. Our call center is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Q. What is the return policy?
A. We have a straightforward return policy – we credit your account the same day. If you receive a non-workable leads (bad phone numbers – can’t contact consumer – not interested – bogus lead) you can simply reply to the lead email and return the lead. If you spoke to the lead and have special comments please include them in the reply email. We make it easy and painless for you to return bad leads.

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