Online Lead Generation Company | Internet Performance Based Lead Generation Client Acquisition for Financial Services

Leads for sale for insurance agents and mortgage brokers. Live leads on the phone who want a quote from you. Highest closing rate online generated exclusive leads. We focus exclusively in the financial services lead generation sector online. No cold calling or wasting money on ads/marketing that have no guarantees.

Click Quote Save is a leading online lead generation company that sells exclusive leads generated through internet searches. We are market leads in live transfers and appointment settings. Our slogan is leads that close, we are confident our leads have the highest closing rates compared to any other lead gen company you buy leads from. These are essentially referrals from our websites to you.

What leads does Click Quote Save generated?

Financial services including:

Mortgages: Refinance leads, jumbo leads, FHA leads, purchase leads, HARP leads, reverse mortgage leads.

Insurance: Annuity leads, fife insurance leads, disability insurance leads, auto insurance leads, homeowners insurance leads, final expense leads, critical illness leads, business property/casualty leads, business benefits leads, renters insurance leads, and long term care leads.

Does your experience with buying online leads include…

– Leads where the prospect does not qualify?

– Leads where the phone number or emails don’t work?

– Leads where the prospect is clearly no longer interested in learning more or getting quotes?

– Leads where the person has no idea what you’re talking about or why you are you calling?

– Leads where they have already spoken to many other agents before you get them on the phone?

-Leads that are not qualified for your product/service?

-Leads that clearly weren’t generated online but instead were cold called?

-Leads that don’t have time to speak to you?

Does your experience with dealing with lead vendors include…

-Lead vendors that give you a hard time for returns or don’t accept returns?

-Lead vendors that require large upfront sums to sign up?

-Lead vendors that require a contract to be signed for long period of time?

-Lead vendors that sell the lead shared to many other licensed annuity agents?

-Lead vendors that don’t accept credit cards for your orders?

-Lead vendors that are licensed and compete against you?

-Lead vendors that are a scam?

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