Pay Per Call and Live Transfers Information for Lead Buyers. Click Quote Save is a Leader in the Live Transfer Market.

What are live transfers leads or live call leads?

Live transfers are when prospects/leads are delivered while on the phone to the sales organization from the lead companies. Live transfers provide your sales team with qualified clients who were interested enough to pass verification (answer pre-qualifying questions) and are on the phone requesting even more information and quotes from you. From our data we have analyzed thousands of successful live transfers in many different verticals and the main benefits of live transfer calls include:

•Qualified prospects whose information has been verified and are interested in more info/quotes for your services.

•Prospects have carved out time to speak to you (the sales agent) right now.

•First to contact – first to build a rapport. There are numerous studies showing that the first sales agent to build a connection wins.

•Speed in contacting leads is critical, lead companies who perform live transfers, understand this and have the technology in place to make sure you are the first organization to speak to that lead.

•Confidence building. Receiving other forms of leads can be frustrating as half the battle is getting that prospect on the phone which can discourage or upset your mental game.

Why Click Quote Save Live Transfer Leads:

CQS (Click Quote Save) is a leader in the live transfer industry. With many thousands of successful live transfers, we understand the needs of sales organizations in the financial services market. Consumers are turning to the internet to comparison shop for different quotes and those companies who are able to offer comparison shopping and have a call center model are in the best position to experience revenues growth from purchasing exclusive live transfers leads.

5 Tips to purchasing live transfers:

1.Start the relationship with the lead vendor off with a small manageable lead test.

2.Only purchase live transfers from inbound generated marketing channels (internet/tv/radio). Avoid offshore call centers as these are breaking FTC/FCC laws.

3.Do not pay upfront with cash/check/wire/money order. Legitimate lead companies accept credit cards and debit card transactions making it easier for you to chargeback if anything goes wrong.

4.Work with lead vendors that accept returns for invalid leads.

5.Set restrictions around call time and days when you can receive live transfers. This should be stipulated in your contract.

Offshore or even US based call centers doing live transfers:

Avoid using cold call centers to make your live transfers for the financial services industry (insurance/mortgage). Most call centers we have analyzed selling live transfers are in violation of FTC/FCC laws. These companies are making calls using robo dialers and or are calling individuals at random (including those on the DNC list).

Differences between live transfers and other lead types:

Main difference is in lead delivery. You can have a live transfers from an internet  lead or from a tv ad campaign. The process of qualification, the fact that person is live on the phone are the two main benefits and conversion boosting features of live transfer leads.

Closing rate I should expect with a live transfer?

From an internet generated lead that has intent (from search engines) we have experienced some of the highest closing rates out of any other set up. To find our more about closing rates get in contact with us and ask in regards to your specific sector.

Return policy:

Along with having filters and time buffers in place your goal is to find a company that accepts returns for bad leads. Live transfer aren’t cheap so why should you loose money to un-qualified live transfers? You shouldn’t. Your goal should be to buy and pay for only valid live transfers from your lead vendor.

Pay Per Call

What is pay per call?

Pay per call is a term used to describe paying only for calls from lead generation companies. When you receive a call you are billed for this called, typically calls have to meet a certain time on the phone (buffer time) for it to be a billable event. Most lead generation companies selling pay per calls, run tv/radio ads, and the buffer times are short (60 seconds). They are not able to handle the volume and or don’t want to have the overhead of having a call center that can screen those calls and make live transfers. Pay pay call is great for larger organizations that have an inside sales team and the technology in place to manage large number of leads (CRM/power dialers etc).

The differences between pay per call and live transfers is that you may receive 10 pay per calls to have essentially one live transfers. Pay per call rely on shotgun marketing approaches so more filtering will need to be done on your end as these calls go directly to your organization (there is no agent from the lead company vetting the leads). Expect to pay a lot less for pay per calls live leas. Expect to receive more unqualified prospects and to spend more time/effort in closing deals.

Pay per calls are great for a sales environment, its exciting receiving these live calls from potential clients.