Safest Investments for Retirement.

Guarding your money today, a how to for seniors or anyone near retirement, on how to find high yielding returns on safe investments. Risking your retirement nest egg at this stage of the game is not a smart financial move, learn how to protect your nest egg below.

Although world wide news events have been alarming to say the least since 2007 with 911, the ensuing and continued War in the Mid East, the Mortgage crisis which has resulted in record amounts of money printing and taken our countries national debt into the nose bleed section, the stock market has continued it’s rebound from the lows of 2008 when the Dow hit was as low as 6800 to where the Dow is now to just over 18,000 fueled by a huge unexpected drop in oil prices and billions of over seas investment dollars flocking to what is now being perceived as the safest place to invest.

So with the most diverse economy on the planet, the strength and value of the U.S. stock market today simply says, best game in town.

The Panama Canal expansion project is almost complete and is expected to be a game changer of world wide goods being delivered faster which is very important to exporters of food products. This is probably better for business than bad and that is good, and if the Zombie apocalypse does not come to fruition, or if the population of the world is not destroyed by the bird flu or a comet within the next 2 years, it looks like the Dow could reach 22,000 to 24,000 and if that happens, that is probably good too.

But at this level, retired investors or investors facing retirement that have been riding this wave up, it is now time to start peeling away from the risk of the stock market and to begin to lock in and guard your gains from the unexpected. If you are waiting for a green light to appear or a bell to ring, it’s time to get real. Right now at this level the window of opportunity is wide open for retired investors to begin to scale out of the risk of individual stock and mutual fund investments and start locking in safe, secure, guaranteed solid interest rate returns from the annuity program

For those who qualify and are interested only in safe, guaranteed above average incomes, the annuity program should be at the top of the list of financial options to consider for your retirement. Other safe retirement appropriate investments that don’t pay as much as an annuity include: cd account, money market account, bonds, treasury bills, treasury bonds. The guaranteed return of an annuity alongside the state funds that protect your money in case anything happens to the insurance carrier makes it one of the most attractive investment opportunities in todays market.

Annuities guard your best financial interest in many ways, although there are fee’s to pay when you choose which annuity program is best for you, the high pre-payment penalty helps you stay committed to your real security. Once you have your money invested, you have a great interest rate locked in for a predetermined period of time. The pre payment penalty will give you the incentive you need to stay committed to the investment in your retirement. The desired interest rate is locked in even if the stock market goes lower for yeas, and once your money is committed, you won’t be as likely to make unnecessary impulse purchases or wreck-less and fraudulent investments. So annuities also protect you from financial chaos, even self inflicted financial chaos, and that is good for you and your family.

Now some of you may have been great doctors, lawyers and business owners but you are not annuity experts. This is very important because once you commit to an annuity program, you don’t want to find out a month later that another program rated just as high was offering a half a percent higher dividend with a 15% bonus on top of what you invest to draw your dividend from at a lower fee right?

This means that before you invest in an annuity program you have to know that agents that only sell annuities for the company they work for are limited in their ability to show you the best annuity programs. You also need to know that each insurance company that writes annuities is going to be stronger in the form of providing better terms on different programs. So your best bet is to determine what you want and then speak with a very experienced and knowledgeable independent annuities advisors that will be more than happy to show you which annuities programs are best for you and your family and that are also offering significant bonuses. Click Quote Save has done extensive research and has recruited these top independent annuity agents on your behalf.

If you feel you are a suitable annuities candidate, it is in you best interest to know which reputable Insurance companies are offering the best interest rates, terms and fee’s and capital bonus programs, our combined 58 years of financial services experience will help you find these programs.

If you are interested in more information about the best annuities programs and a free no pressure consultation feel free to fill out the contact information and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible during the office hours. As always be safe and do your due diligence before investing in anything. If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is a scam. Every year billions are lost to scammers so do yourself a favor and considered the free advice above.

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