Top 10 reverse mortgage companies as of June 2016.

Searching for the top 10 reverse mortgage companies?

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The top 10 reverse mortgage companies measured in number of closed loans for last 12 months:

  1. America Advisors Group – 12,285 closed loans
  2. Finance of America Reverse LLC – 4,093 closed loans
  3. Liberty Home Equity Solutions Inc. – 3,964 closed loans
  4. One Reverse Mortgage LLC – 3,959 closed loans
  5. RMS/Security One Lending – 3,556 closed loans
  6. Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC – 2,565
  7. Live Well Financial Inc. – 2,055
  8. Synergy One Lending Inc. – 1,713
  9. Home Point Financial Corporation – 1096
  10. HighTechLending inc. – 1073